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Boxwood Blight has been spotted in Forsyth County

Boxwood Blight has been spotted in Forsyth County

Boxwood Blight is a fungus, and it is now more important than ever to inspect your boxwoods before doing any seasonal cutting or pruning. When the fungus is spotted you should take precautions to prevent it from spreading to other boxwoods, but keep in mind that the spores can be carried by animals, insects or the wind as well.  The greatest source of contamination, however, is mainly through the improper disposal of infected materials and transfer from one site to another by poorly cleaned gardening tools. For more detailed information, check out the following links on how to identify the fungus, dispose of contaminated plants and sanitizing your tools:

Marsh Brothers Lawns and Landscaping would be happy to work with you to inspect, identify, dispose of and replant infected materials as needed. Please give us a call at 406-5987 for an estimate.